Thursday, February 18, 2010


I cant change my background cause I dont know what I am doing and cuz "cutest blog on the block" is down right now. So everyone enjoy the pumpkins a little longer.

Long time no blog!!!

I know most of you have taken me off your list of friends by now and I wouldnt blame you. I havent had a lot of time or really interest in blogging for awhile, but Jayna is no longer sleeping in the computer room so I might be able to blog more often now(we will see:))

Haylee is now three years old. For her birthday we went to Bounce U. She loves that place. It was a total blast. We did the whole potty training thing the beginning of January. I was scared to start it and not sure how it was going to go but its probably good we waited so long becasuse she learned really fast, it took her about three days to get it down pat and not want to wear diapers anymore. She is talks like crazy now, and is so imaginative(sp), she is my big helper now.

Jayna is now 19months and is a little smartie pants. She repeats everything that we say and has picked up on tons of words. The other day she was helping me put groceries away and as she carried the ketchup for me she said "heavy", Jayna did how does she know what Heavy means its crazy how fast kids catch on. She is now sleeping in Haylees room with her. We were offered two free twin beds so now the girls have their own big bed and they love it. I cant believe Jayna stays in her bed and doesnt just walk out of the room at night but for some reason (maybe I am really intimidating) she thinks she has to stay in her bed until morning, I hope she stays under this impression for a long time.

Matt is superman right now. He works long hours and then starts right on school when he gets home. He is taking three online classes right now so it keeps him extremly busy. But we are blessed that he has so much work right now. You are amazing babe:)

I was babysitting a newborn full time from August till the beginning of February when the family moved to Utah. It was a lot of work but we were blessed to have that extra income. I have to say that it has been nice this month not being tied down so much, I have been able to enjoy my kids so much more. I am still babysitting a boy in my ward, but it is only three days a week for only three hours. As great as it feels not to be babysitting all the time it is a great way for me to make money and still be with the kids, so if you hear of anyone looking for a babysitter keep me in mind. I have also picked up a new hobby(or Matt would probably say my only hobby) I have started writing childrens books. I have written two so far and have sent one of them out to publishers(which I wont hear back from for at least 3months). I know that it is hard to get things published and my chances arent great but either way I have had a blast coming up with ideas and writing them down and putting everything into place.

Well that is us. Hope everyone is doing great. Now I am going to read everyone elses blog now. Nobody probably looks at this anymore but it will make a great journal entry anyway.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Hulse Reunion

After the airport we all started to get things ready for the reunion the next day. James and Becki got the Rhinos no problem but when Melody and Matt went to get ours they couldnt get Melodys hitch off so we werent able to rent one. Bummer. Later that night we went over to Kathys and ate and visited for awhile. Ben taught us the game signs and we tried playing it and actually got semi good at it. Saturday morning we woke up early and headed out to the four peaks area(I think). We set up camp and people took off on the Rhinos and the Ranger, while others visited, played horseshoes and the kids did crafts and an egg hunt. We had an absolute blast. It was hot but that didnt stop the fun. While riding we found some tunnels and went through no problem, well most of us. Chris and Carrie and their gang took the wrong tunnel and got stuck in some really deep mud. But with everyone working togther they were able to pull it out with another Rhino. Later on, the Ranger got stuck again going up a hill. Guess who was driving, yep Chris and Carrie - not their lucky day. But once again they were able to shimmy it down the cliff. I think everyone liked the challenge of trying to get the ranger and rhinos unstuck. Around 2pm we started to pack everything up but their was time for one last ride and while they were out a part broke off one of the Rhinos. These Hulses like to play hard. That night Mike and Lydia's family came over and played some games and ate ice cream. But everyone was pretty tired so the night didnt last too long. Sunday was Wesleys blessing and then Ben talked right after that. It was crazy getting kids to sit through two sacrament meetings but it was neat haveing the family their for both events. This weekend was awesome!!! Thanks James and Becki the reunion was an absolute success!!!

Bens Home!!!!

So Matts brother Ben got home on Friday October 16th at 12pm. James, Becki and Family got to our house Thursday night around 10pm. We just got them set up and then all went to bed. Haylee was so excited to see her cousins. We were going to have her sleep with us to make room but she wanted to sleep with her cousins, it was really cute. So Friday morning we got up ate and got ready. Then Mike and Lydia came over with their Fam. and we all headed for the airport together. Haylee loved the airport, she was a little bumed at first because she thought she was going to actually get in a plane but once she got over that she had fun just looking at the planes through the windows. It was great to see Ben. It kind of feels like he never left in a way but it is still wierd seeing him at everything now. I guess Matt got a hold of the camera so here are some interesting pics at the airport. WELCOME HOME BEN!!!! We sure missed ya.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Daddys little helpers

Matt was cleaning up the yard the other day so the girls went out to help(play). And play they did. They had a blast jumping in the leaves and throwing them in the air. Haylee actually got really mad that Matt was throwing the leaves away. We had to explain to her that soon new leaves would fall and she could play in those ones.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Tyler Reunion

Last weekend we went to my familys Tyler Reunion. It started in the middle of the week so Matt stayed and worked while I took the kids. We stayed in a cabin in Greer AZ. The weather was beautiful and it was great spending time with family. The kids had so much fun running around outside and playing with their cousins.

Number Two is now One!!

Thats right Jayna turned one on July 24th(Pioneer Day). We went to San Deigo that week so we celebrated the day before. We gave her some rainboots because she loves putting on her sisters. San Diego was awesome. The waves were huge, Todd Chapman and Matt were brave and strong enough to play in the waves while Jenna and I played with baby Mac on shore. It was a crazy weekend to go to the beach, the life guards were saying that the waves dont usually get so huge and the current isnt usually so strong, they wouldnt let people go out in the waves unless they had flippers(fins) and just let everyone know to be careful. I went out once in the waves but I got pretty pushed and flipped around I got kind of freaked so I played on the shore the rest of the time. It was pretty cool watching the humongous(sp) waves.